Your WIL Membership Matters

If you’re not a member, please join now to support electing more women who will protect our reproductive freedom and other rights. And please pass the news on to like-minded friends. All membership dues go directly to supporting candidates right here in OC. (Renewing instead?)


  • $1000: Entitles you to all that Sustaining Members receive AND you + 1 guest can attend all WIL events without charge.  Enables WIL PAC to give higher level of donations to endorsed candidates.

  • $350:Entitles member to all that General Members receive as well as invitations to occasional exclusive WIL events. Enables WIL PAC to donate additional funds to endorsed candidates.

  •  $125: Entitles member to receive all WIL correspondence and be the first to receive invitations to WIL events.  All members receive a reduced rate for luncheons and other will events.



*WIL’s members also commit to donations beyond the WIL PAC. Each of our members agrees to support 2 or more endorsed candidates each election cycle with campaign contributions.  WIL also supports endorsed candidates by sharing membership list with candidates during the cycle of the election for which they are endorsed.



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