Endorsement Guidelines


To be considered for endorsement, a candidate must be a candidate for an office for which some or all Orange County voters are able to vote (local OC offices, statewide elections, U.S. Congress or U.S. Senate) or, in in exceptional cases, for an office for which voters in counties adjacent to Orange County can vote.  WIL endorses only those candidates who request an endorsement and complete our questionnaire.  The following is a list of our criteria for endorsement:

1.   Support Women’s Reproductive Rights

  • Support the legal implications of Roe v. Wade.
  • Support the right of a woman to make her own medical decisions, including the right to choose and have an abortion
  • Support access for women to abortion services regardless of age or financial need.

2.  Be considered a viable candidate according to WIL guidelines:

  • Provide a link to your campaign website
  • Demonstrate the ability to fundraise.
  • Have name recognition.
  • Have a campaign organization – i.e., a campaign consultant or campaign manager, solid volunteer base and/or staff, and a draft budget
  • A candidate’s viability will also depend on a review of her opponent(s).

3.  Additional endorsement considerations:

  • Membership in WIL:  endorsed candidates must be WIL members in good standing. 
  • Leadership and loyalty:  support for our issues (e.g. voting record, efforts in community, etc.)
  • Non-partisan balance: WIL recognizes that supporters of women’s reproductive freedom may come from different political parties.  It will strive to maintain a non-partisan balance in its endorsements.
  • WIL contact list :  may be shared with endorsed candidates for use during the election period for which they are being endorsed.

WIL's policy if more than one candidate for a single office requests endorsement:

After reviewing a candidate’s position on reproductive choice, viability and political assessment, WIL will choose one of the following endorsement options:

  1. Endorse one or more candidates per office.
  2. Remain neutral in the race and not endorse any candidate, but list candidates who support women’s reproductive rights.

Withdrawing Endorsement:

WIL reserves the right to withdraw endorsement at any time for any of the following reasons:

  • The endorsed candidate, through words or actions, demonstrates ideals which are inconsistent with WIL’s mission.
  • The endorsed candidate, through words or actions, demonstrates unethical behavior which is inconsistent with the ethical standards of WIL.
  • The endorsed candidate drops out of the race.

WIL endorsements are only good for one election cycle.  

WIL reserves the right to make candidate's application public if and when WIL determines disclosure is appropriate (for example, when a candidate provides a different group with responses inconsistent with those provided to WIL).