For Immediate Release


August 3, 2021

ORANGE COUNTY - Women in Leadership is proud to continue its longstanding support of Katrina Foley, a trailblazer and true public servant, and wholeheartedly endorses her campaign for Orange County Supervisor, 2022.

Through her work as a school board trustee, Costa Mesa city council member, mayor of Costa Mesa, head of several local nonprofit boards and commissions, and Orange County Supervisor since March of 2021, Katrina has consistently embodied WIL’s values and paved the way for upcoming generations of WOMEN to assume roles of leadership.

Katrina has been an unwavering advocate for women and families. From creating a domestic violence resource center while still in law school to boldly tackling the pressing issues facing Orange County today—the housing and homelessness crisis, job training, education, as well as the environment and our future—Katrina brings extraordinary energy, authenticity and effectiveness to everything she does.

Katrina Foley is WIL’s first endorsement of the 2022 election cycle.

Statement from Katrina Foley

“As a former WIL chair & passionate supporter of WIL's game-changing investment of resources and talent supporting the election of pro-choice women, I am especially proud that WIL is one of the first organizations backing my reelection!  WIL has been an enduring partner since helping me win my first campaign for city council in 2004 and has helped scores of other women win (and keep!) seats. 

The sisterhood of WIL demonstrates the power of persistence and collaboration.  Local elected women are delivering real results on the most significant challenges of our time, from homelessness and climate change to economic recovery and vaccinations.  WIL Women Win!”


Women in Leadership has been working to elect pro-choice women in Orange County since 1993. WIL provides early support and funding to viable candidates who are committed to protecting reproductive rights, and encourages its members to do the same. To learn more about our work and why WIL Women Win, please visit our website.


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