2022 Election Winners

The Orange County Registrar has reported final results for the 2022 general election, and we are thrilled to announce that 27 WIL candidates have been elected or reelected.

WIL was able to donate to a record number of women this year thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters. We are so proud of all the women who stepped up to represent our values and protect our rights, including those who will win next time! 💙

Below is a list of the WIL Women who won in 2022 and a few races we want to highlight. We're also pleased to report that Proposition 1 passed with 67% of the vote, meaning that abortion rights will now be enshrined in the California Constitution.

Celebrating 2022 and Gearing Up for 2024

WIL is volunteer-run and almost all the money we raise goes directly to candidates. We're known for our strict vetting process and for providing early money to first-time and vulnerable candidates. Our goal is to head into the 2024 cycle with a war chest that will allow us to help even more women who support reproductive freedom get into elected office at every level of government. Please join us!