Your WIL Membership Matters

2020 is here! Time to roll up our sleeves, dig in, and elect more Women in Leadership (WIL)! The November 2020 election is critical to preserving reproductive freedom for all Americans.  WIL is run entirely by volunteers with very low overhead costs. The more members we have, the more money we can give to our candidates. Join us today by clicking a membership button below. (Renewing instead?)


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    $1000: Entitles you to all that Sustaining Members receive AND you + 1 guest can attend all WIL events. Reduced rate for luncheons and WIL events. Enables WIL PAC to give higher level of donations to endorsed candidates.

  • Member 
    $350: Entitles member to all that General Members receive PLUS exclusive WIL events. Reduced rate for luncheons and other WIL events. Enables WIL PAC to donate additional funds to endorsed candidates.

  •  $125: Entitles member to receive all WIL correspondence and be the first to receive invitations to WIL events.


Join today! All dues are used to support our endorsed candidates in their election campaigns. 

*WIL’s members also commit to donations beyond the WIL PAC. Each of our members agrees to support 2 endorsed candidates each election season with a minimum donation of $99.

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